01 August 2012

five hundred and ninety-five hours.

In twenty-four days I will travel for fifteen hours so I can finally see the land of my dreams.  Twenty-four days isn't that long.  Neither is fifteen hours.  But it seems like an eternity.  Or perhaps it doesn't seem that far off, more like it can't actually be real.  Because it doesn't seem real.  Maybe it's because of all that I have to focus on in the few weeks that I can't really comprehend that in less than a month I will be standing in Ghana.  There are exams to study for (and take), books to read (and write papers on), family trips to pack for (and go on), the arrival of a visa to be waited upon (really, it said only two weeks!), people to spend time with, projects to finish, medications to get, and, oh, I haven't even begun to think about how to pack for three and a half months!  Well, here's to hoping for a little peace (of the heart and mind) in the next twenty-four days!

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