09 September 2012

god spilled some honey.

You know that time in the day where the sun is heading out and all of a sudden, everything it touches is beautifully on fire?  That time where an ordinary kitchen briefly turns into a radient world all your own?  When you just kind of have to stop what you're doing, find someone to share a smile with because the world around just got a little sweeter?  And you know that moment was meant just for you, so you knew how much you truly are loved?  I like to call that honey time.  And I'm glad to report that it's just as sweet (perhaps sweeter, in a way) on the other side of the globe.

Friends, it has officially been two weeks since I flew into Ghana.  I'm not sure what to share from this past week.  Mostly, I was just adapting and trying to find a routine in which to fall.  I have my first actual teaching day tomorrow.  I found out that I won't be teaching English, after all.  Initially that was a little disappointing, and maybe still is a bit.  Instead, I'll be teaching ICT (Information Communications Technology.)  Most of the text for the class is not too exciting, but I'm hoping to find ways to spice it up and make it more relevant.  (The text is 7 years old and still teaches the floppy disk.  I know.)  I've started building the lessons and I think it will be cool.  And even if it's not what I had hoped, at least I've been appointed as the coordinator for the Art Club at the school.  So there's that.

(Hey 3ELadies, remember that time we trapped the Golden Hour in our kitchen.  I do.  So sweet, it is, to be able to hold on to that moment for comfort way over here.)

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  1. Hi, Hattie ...
    Holly and I are enjoying following your adventures in Ghana. We are in awe! What a fantastic time this is in your life ... what a fantastic young woman you are. Love ALL your pictures and your thoughts ... and what a perfect description this one is: "honey time."
    Beautiful! We keep you in our thoughts, hearts and prayers.
    Sending you much love ... Marilyn and Holly Ross