01 November 2012

on the coming election, and every day after.

"That is only your opponent, not your enemy."

These are the words that I quickly wrote down as soon as I heard them to be sure they wouldn't be forgotten.  The words which struck a chord within me.  And the words I felt compelled to share with you here.  In a conversation about the political situation here in Cape Coast, these words were spoken by one of my fellow teachers in regard to the tension between parties.  I am afraid that politics are politics, regardless of location.  With those words, I'd like to urge anyone who may open their ears (or eyes?) to approach the end of this season and the opening of others with the realization that your neighbor is not a Republican or a Democrat, a member of the NPP or NDC parties, but a person.  A human being.  Just as flawed and beautiful as you.  Just as complex-minded as you.  With just as much right to believe and be heard as you.  More love is never a bad thing.

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