07 November 2012

you will go out in joy and be led forth in peace.

Last weekend was spent in the Volta Region...eventually.  About an hour into the trip, the car broke down and we waited on the side of the road for about three hours before a new one came for us.  (It was okay though because there was a conveniently located pineapple stand just a couple hundred meters away.)  All the driving post-Accra was very bouncy, but the destinations made it well worth the sore rump.  

We hiked to the top of Mount Afadjato which is the highest mountain in Ghana, standing at about 885 meters.  I have to be honest--it kicked my butt.  It's been a long time since my WFSI days.  (Learn about WFSI by clicking HERE.  One of the best months of my life.)  It was so worth making it to the top, though.  The views were great, and we were led all the way back down by the most beautiful butterflies.  

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