21 April 2013

i can't explain all of it anyway.

This makes me uncomfortable.  I feel exposed and vulnerable.  That's because it is far from perfect, a compilation of nearly all of the photos I took while I was in Ghana.  All unedited, mostly mistakes.  But together they make something intriguing, I think.  Which is beautiful, I also think.  So if you will, take about seven minutes with the sound turned up and you might get a really small (but somehow bigger) glimpse into my life in Ghana between August and December of last year.

LOOK HERE. (please.)

By the way, I am going back.  In less than a month.
Follow that adventure here:  AKWAABA, ALL OVER AGAIN.


  1. Watching this just make me cry, it is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing these photos, they made me feel like home a little bit.

  2. :) thanks for taking the time, hester. i'm glad you enjoyed it!