02 September 2012

something like paradise.

In the afternoon, after we visited Elmina, we drove down a very long road with many holes.  It seemed to go forever until it opened up to another world.  There was a nearly empty beach with an open restaurant where we ate lunch.  I walked in the other side of the Atlantic Ocean for the first time.  I drank coconut water from the coconut our new friend Joseph climbed to get for us.  And it's where I met Dorcas.  Dorcas who asked us to teach her how to swim, who let me take her portrait, who asked about our home, and who told us she'd miss us when we left, and I think she really meant it.  Yes, Dorcas--though we only had a few minutes together--I'm sure that I'll miss your beautifully welcoming & loving spirit, too. 

There's a sharper photo of Dorcas HERE, but I like this one more for catching her likeness.

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