28 September 2012

wish list from my stomach.

When I am hungry, these are the things I think about (in no particular order):

-grape leaves from Salaam
-buckeye sundae from Graeters
-split pea soup
-peanut butter & jelly sandwich (honestly never thought that would happen)
-my dad's special grilled cheese sandwich with tomato & cream cheese
-croissant sandwiches from Whole World
-basically anything from Jeni's 
-lentil soup
-kimmie gibbler from Bagel Street
-strawberry rhubarb pie
-veggie rainbow from Avalanche Pizza

These usually dance around my head, cartoon style, around 5:00pm when it's been a bit too long since I've had lunch and I'm ready for dinner.  But then I eat so much--boiled yams with stew, or groundnut soup with banku, or kenkey and stew, or red red with fried plantains--that I am so satisfied I think I'll never want to eat again.  Of course, though, that doesn't last.

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