02 October 2012

it's in the details.

So these are some of the things that are making up my new normal.  The things that are now familiar, and those that I'm sure I will miss.  You can see where I take my breakfast every morning.  One of the perks of living with a baker is that I get to eat the things that don't look like the rest of the batch--but I promise they are still delicious.  There is color everywhere.  I'll miss the lace and doilies everywhere to cover things aren't so pretty.  There's the eager little puppy named Peace.  And finally, the lovely clothesline.  I have grown to love hand-washing my clothes.  It's sort of like cleaning a kitchen or doing the dishes.  And if you know a few things about me, you probably know that I like to do both of those.  I think I may want to continue once I get home.  Though I think I'll put a washboard on my Christmas list, because my knuckles are getting a little too raw.

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