03 October 2012

goodness in the form of a ball.

Over the weekend I went to the wedding of one of the teachers at my school.  The home economics teacher was the caterer, and she invited me and a couple others to help/learn to prepare the food at her house.  (Um, of course I want to learn how to cook these meals!)  We didn't have much time at her house since we were running a little late in the morning (come on, a girl's gotta primp before a wedding) but we still got to prepare, and sample, the yam balls.  

So.  Rough recipe with no amounts:

-find a very large bowl
-boil yams
-as they are boiling, chop onions & carrots & green peppers finely
-while still very hot, mash the yams in the very large bowl
-add margarine (and mix--with your right hand)
-add the veggies (and mix--again, with your right hand)
-add pepper and nutmeg (and, you guessed it, mix with your right hand)
-separate eggs, yolks from whites
-mix in some of the yolks to the yams to help it bind
-begin taking small handfuls of the mixture and press them into balls (with your right hand)
-smooth the balls by rolling on the inside of the bowl
-roll the balls in the egg whites
-roll the egg white-covered balls of yam in bread crumbs
-heat up cooking oil in a large pot
-fry the bread crumb-covered balls of yam in the cooking oil until golden brown
-remove from oil and let cool
-eat with people you love (duh)

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