11 November 2012

that feeling of contentment.

It hit me one week ago.  After the weekend away, we pulled back onto the familiar streets of Cape Coast just as the sun was going down.  As the car moved along the main road--the wind playing with my hair, the ever wide ocean to my left, and the pink & blue sky above--it felt good to be home.  It took about two months to be sure, but now I am just that.  I am quite certain that I love Ghana.  Ask me what I love most and I can't give an answer.  It's a lot of little things.  But that's what makes something dear, the little things.  

The realisation that my remaining time is less than thirty days has made my heart sentimental.  But I'm not sure if I can put together the words which will illustrate my emotions.  I feel split between two lives, and I look forward to returning to the one but become sorrowful when I imagine leaving the other behind.  I'm honestly not sure what else to say, and I don't know if you would understand anyway.  So I guess I'll leave it there.  

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  1. you seem like the kind of woman who could find a home in two (if not more) different places. i lurrrve that about you.