28 November 2012

allow me some grace.

You know when life gets a little wild and you unintentionally lose touch temporarily with a good friend?  And then you feel guilty because that friend has always been so kind to you so it becomes harder and harder to figure out how to fix up the bridge the longer you wait?  But you keep waiting because you just don't know if you have the words to say?  Well, that's how I have felt about this blog recently.

When I initially created it, my hope was to use this space to share a few words and some pictures with the forty-four people who said they wanted to receive messages from me during my time away.  I, in no way, thought that one day I would open the site to see that the sub-par wanderings of my mind would have been visited over two thousand times by people in countries like Israel, France, Russia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and Greece.  I felt empowered, to be sure, but certainly a little pressure to perform as well.  All of this is to say that I'm sorry for my absence, but my life has been a little wild and I unintentionally lost touch.  Also, thank you for joining me.  I'll try my best to be more present here in my finals days, though I won't make any promises.


  1. Dear Hattie,
    Don't feel like you have to perform when you write. Just do what you have been doing right along, so beautifully, and be yourself. And do it when you have the time and the motivation to do it. And we all will be happy with whatever you choose to do. Thank you for everything so far!
    God bless!
    JoAnn Carey (Shannon's Grandmother)

  2. I feel exactly the same way, JoAnn, and appreciate your kind encouragement of my daughter's work. Good to hear from you, Hattie! Love, Mom

  3. Hattie, I want to say so long to you. I wish you well and much success in your future. Thank you for sharing your journey in such a beautiful way! I've loved being along for the ride.
    And to your Mom, I would like to say, God certainly blessed both of us with these loving, caring, talented young women we both have in our families.
    Have a safe trip home and God be with you.
    Much love,
    JoAnn Carey